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When I submit my form, I never receive an email!

The most common cause for this problem is a spam filter. These filters will often prevent submission emails from reaching your inbox. To be certain, though, lets make sure your form is working properly and the submissions are being sent.

You can monitor how many submissions has successfully processed and sent via email through your Account Manager. Near the top of your Plan section you will see a line that looks similar to this:

Processed: 5 / 100 form submissions this month (10 total)

This shows that five submissions have been processed and sent from your forms this month, and ten submissions have been sent since this plan was activated. Make a note of how many submissions your Account Manager shows have been processed this month. Then, make a test submission of the form you are having problems with. Now, go back to your Account Manager or reload the page. If your form is working properly, the number of submissions processed this month should have gone up.

You can also click on the individual recipient email address to see how many submissions have been sent directly to that person. If the number has increased after your test submission, then the forms are being processed and emails are being sent out. The problem is very likely with spam filters or your mail servers. If the number did not increase, then there is a problem with your form.

If you suspect the problem could be spam filters, we suggest you check in any spam folder you may have and also contact your ISP to see if they are filtering out these messages. If that is not the problem or you need help getting your form to submit correctly, please submit a support request.

Last Modified: July 29, 2004


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