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Why do email addresses have to be verified?

ANSWER: requires verification of any email address you wish to send results to. Verification consists of a message being sent to that email address which requires a web-based response confirming that addresses willingness to receive your results. Verification is required for a couple reasons:

Prevents Unauthorized Use of Your Account
If we allowed you to submit to any address, regardless of whether it was listed in your plan or not, unauthorized users could easily take advantage of you. After finding a user on the web, they could then setup forms on their own web site to send results to themselves utilizing your account. By limiting results to only addresses you authorize, we reduce the risk that someone will hijack your account for their own use.

Prevents SPAM
If we allowed you to submit results to any address you wanted, you (or someone who found your form and plan ids) would be able to SPAM users with any message you wanted. By requiring their authorization to receive the results, we limit the potential for this to happen.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Last Modified: July 29, 2003


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