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WHAT IS A CAPTCHA SPAM BLOCKER? offers a CAPTCHA spam blocker, sometimes known as a word verification image, for use with all of our service plans. It is a common technique used to prevent automated spamming of forms by computer programs. An image is displayed to every web site visitor who wishes to submit a form response. This image contains a string of characters that the web site visitor must type into the specified input box. If the string is correctly reproduced, the form response will be processed as usual. Otherwise, another CAPTCHA image will be generated and the visitor may try again until successful. You can read more about this technique at Wikipedia: CAPTCHA.

WHAT DOES A CAPTCHA LOOK LIKE? offers you flexibility over the appearance of the CAPTCHA image on your web site. You can set the size of the image and border and also modify the background, text and border colors. A sample default CAPTCHA from our site looks like:


Adding a CAPTCHA to your form can significantly reduce the number of spammed submissions you receive. However, it is still unable to stop SPAM that is entered and verified by an actual person. Furthermore, it can lead to an extra step that causes the form submission process to become more complex. The choice of whether or not to implement CAPTCHAs is left up to each account owner.

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