:: A Service by MSA :: Features and Benefits aims to provide you with all of the tools and services necessary to collect and process information from visitors to your web site. Below are some of the best features and benefits you get by using for all of your processing needs:

Protect Your Email Addresses From SPAM
By removing your email address from the source of your web forms, or using contact forms instead of a mailto: link, spam bots will no longer be able to harvest your address. allows you to specify single or multiple recipients in many ways that will never reveal your address to a sender, unless you choose to reply.

Visitors Never Leave Your Site
All of's plans and processors can be configured so that users will never leave your site. Upon submission of the form, will process it, email you the results and instantly redirect the user back to a page of your choosing, all before they even realize they have left your site.

No Programming Knowledge Required
You no longer have to install or configure anything. Simply signup for our free trial and we will even provide you with HTML source you can copy and paste onto your web site to have a contact form up and running in minutes! As you gain experience, in-depth tutorials and documentation will allow you to add additional options and capabilities to your form processor -- all through your web browser.

Unlimited Web Forms
Because you design and host the forms yourself, there is no limit to the number or type of different web forms you can have processed by

Absolutely No Advertising
Unlike some form processing services, places absolutely no advertising on any pages your visitors may see. In fact, your forms can be configured such that users will never even see a page generated from In cases where you wish to display a summary page to your users, however, no advertising will be placed on the results.

Prevent Duplicate Submissions offers filters you can place on your forms so that duplicate submissions will not be processed and emailed to you. This cuts down on any problems you may have with users clicking the submit button twice. also offers you the ability to limit form submissions to a certain number per IP address or browser session for a specified period of time.

Compatibility With Existing Forms and Web Hosts
If you have used FormMail from Matt's Script Archive in the past, you will be able to use any existing forms you have developed with very few changes required!

Also, works regardless of who you host your site with and what platform they use. Should you decide to change, your form processing will remain unaffected -- no scripts to modify or move.

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