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The privacy policy generally boils down to: We're not here to collect your personal information and share it with others. That's why we don't ask for it. We won't sell your email address or send you unrelated advertisements. allows you to design and implement feedback forms that can be published on the World Wide Web. Your forms can be used to collect any information you so choose, as long as it does not violate our Terms and Conditions. We will process and either send you or store for your review the results of visitor input to these forms. You are the exclusive owner of your data and what you choose to do with this data is up to you.

The only personal information we require when you sign up for an account is that you provide us with a valid, working email address. The security question is used to prove your identity should you lose your password or access to your account. You will have complete control over the email address attached to your account and can change it at any time.

If you sign up for a paid account, PayPal (our payment processor) will also send to us the email address you have registered with PayPal. PayPal may also send your name and mailing address (if you select a shipping address). We do not require this information, but if passed to us, we will store it simply as a reference for our own internal use.

We do not sell, lease or send advertisements to our list of customers. The only use of your email address is to ensure that we will be able to correspond with you regarding your account. From time to time, we may wish to send you an update or new product notice strictly relating to You can, at any time, opt out of these announcements through your account manager.

The purpose of most web forms is to gather data. Your forms can be used to collect any information you so choose, as long as it does not violate our Terms and Conditions. Depending on how you have configured your form processor, the results of each form submission may be mailed to you and/or stored in our database for later access through your account manager.

We do not use the data you collect in any way other than to make it available for your use. We will not send any solicitations to users who complete your forms. Please keep in mind that at this time we do not offer any secure forms and therefore should not be used to collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

A cookie is a small file stored by your web browser that a website can use to store information. The following cookies are used by

Session Cookie - uses this cookie to ensure you remain logged in throughout your visit. This cookie will disappear once you close your browser. It is necessary for the proper operation of the Account Manager.

Identity Cookie - attempts to store a permament cookie on your web browser that contains the email address you last logged in with and optionally an encrypted password and/or affiliate id. If you choose the option "Remember Password" when logging in, a hash of your password will be stored into the cookie as well, so you can automatically be logged in on your next visit to our site. The affiliate id will be used to track how you found out about our services, if you visited from one of our partners.

Form Submission Cookie - allows you, the account holder, to reject excess submissions by the same browser within a specified time period (less than 24 hours). If, and only if, you enable this option, will set a temporary cookie (to expire within 24 hours of the last form submission) on every visitor's browser who completes your form. It is up to you to enable this option if you find it necessary.

Account holders have full control over the data users submit as well as personal information stored. You may at any time log into your account and update your name or email address.

In order to cut down on the abuse of our service, the link to your web form (but not any personal data or data you gather) may be passed along to a third party so they can ensure that your form is not attempting to engage in fraudulent activity.

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