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What plan do you recommend for my needs?

All plans come with the same feature set. The difference in plans is therefore governed by the amount of usage you make of our services. Each plan features a different level of allowed form submissions per month and limits the amount of recipient addresses. You can compare our plans.

If you are debating between two plans, you should generally choose the cheaper plan and then watch your usage. You can upgrade at any time and always purchase 'overage' submissions which can be rolled from month to month and used as required on any heavy submission months. In this way, it is better to just sign up for the lowest plan that will fit your needs. You can then expand your service as your site grows and you find the need.

Last Modified: July 29, 2003


Do you offer any payment options besides PayPal?
What will happen if I exceed my monthly submission limit?
I paid for a plan, but it is not upgraded or working!
PayPal cancelled my subscription, what should I do?
How do I update my credit card/billing information?
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